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Amalgamation of High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

July 23, 2012

Amalgamation of High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Many are wondering on what’s the relationship between hypertension and diabetes. Why these two most of the time come together. These two diseases several times occur in the same patients. Many details still are yet to be uncovered but handfuls of its factors are known that direct to these illness.

Here are some of its factors:

  • Both have Usual Risk Factors  

Diabetes and high blood pressure likely shares many stimulating aspects. Comparable set of fact that puts one at peril for maturing high blood pressure also brings to the maturing of diabetes. High-fat diets affluent in salt and processed sugars put accentuate on both enzyme fabrication and the cardiovascular systems. The effectiveness of insulin decreases once your physical activity level is low and it also advances to firm or hard arteries and a failing response from cardiovascular system. Obesity has the same aftermath and is a vigorous contingency factor for both high blood pressure and diabetes.

  • Both Influence Corresponding Patients

Diabetes and high blood pressure is also known as patient-sharing diseases. It means individual diseases likely to influence patients who are formerly at risk for the other. For instance, people who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day or more are likely to consume alcoholic drinks than those who do not smoke at all. Though these vices have nothing in common, smoking and drinking do. It’s the same with persons who take on in lifestyles that makes them prone to diabetes same time tend to follow ways that make them at risk for hypertension.

  • Both are Self-Energizing

Of course patients with diabetes have heightened blood sugar in contrast to patients without. Several consequences with this exuberance sugar includes, slowing but deliberate injury to delicate blood vessels known as capillaries. Injury to certain capillaries destroys the regulating abilities of the kidney’s blood pressure which can lead to higher blood pressure. This elevated blood pressure makes little changes in blood flow, which reveals other delicate capillaries to more injury. Levitated blood pressure can also influence the sensitive insulin secreting areas of the pancreas driving to elevated blood sugar. With this regards, the diabetes/high blood pressure amalgamation is a self-energizing twist in which both diseases tend to worsen over time.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this site is for educational purposes only, and should not be used as a substitute for personal care by a licensed physician. Please see your physician for diagnosis and treatment of any concerning symptoms or medical condition.


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